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Hello! I want to share some news - we have no electricity for 12 hours in a day, because of the destroyed power grid. Everything is close to a complete blackout, but I will still shoot because I want to do this and because it's the only thing that keeps me in shape now! I want to thank you all for supporting me in all ways - viewing my videos, commenting and sharing. This means a lot for me, and gives me know that what I do is interesting for you ❤️ But now the situation is such that for normal work I’m thinking about buying a generator or some alternative energy source. If you can and want to help me particularly with that - I would be very grateful. You can support me in next ways - buy something from my web store (soon I update some product photos, and waiting new arrivals of guitar straps), or just support me with a Buymeacoffee or join my Patreon 🫶 Merch, guitars and tools: Patreon: Buy me a coffee: P.s. on photo you can observe my current project which I’m really hope to post it next week ☺️


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